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5 Wardrobe Essentials - For Men

Your 'I have nothing to wear' moment is gone

Confused what your closet should look like? We all struggle to find the real wardrobe essentials when it comes to fashion. It all start with the basics.”Its not about how costly the dress is, its all about how you present that dress up on your body”. Versatility is what you are looking at first when you are building your wardrobe.
Now why should you even read my blog ? I am no expert in this field but I really have some good and cheap wardrobe collections which I buy over time. I am a college going student and always on a shoestring budget when it comes to spending on clothing so I am not dependent over big brands as they often do not meet my expectations plus they cost too much. 
The word ‘essential’ is thrown around away too loosely these days. Let us first learn what essential really means when it comes to wardrobe. It is a clothing that

1–  Is the foundation for any outfit you wear –  

      The foundation is the structure or base below the ground that  supports the whole building. Same goes on with               your clothing. When we talk about the essentials of the wardrobe it is necessary to have all the basics that will               help you look good from the inside. Like your under-wear or your boxers, your vests and your socks build up the             foundation to your clothing.    


2  Should work for almost all occasions –  
       If you are not the type of person that loves to spend a wholesome amount of money on your clothing and           you do not often go outside, you would want your outfit to work on multiple occasions. For example you            would want an outfit that would work for both business formals or party formals or you can wear an                    outfit on someone’s birthday as well as wear it casually. So an essential wardrobe consists of outfits that           goes well along with occasions like birthday celebration to a funeral or a business meeting to any casual           day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
3-  Provides you total comfort –          
       A clothing cannot be considered as an essential if it misses out  the most important part of wearing                     something on your body, i.e to provide comfort. It doesn’t matter if you look like a hippie or a formal                      businessman, as long as your outfit gives you that comfort and easiness, you can call it fashion. You don’t         have to look like a celebrity because its not possible for us to look that way and in the long run isn’t even            healthy. So wear clothes that you find comfortable and you are confident enough to pull it out for the                   rest of the day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
4- Compliments other outfits –        
      All the essential clothing in your closet should compliment or go along with all the other outfits you have.            Like you have a casual jacket that goes along nice with a solid t-shirt or a cardigan that goes well with a              shirt. So always choose wisely as to what you are buying can be helpful to you in the long run.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

 These are some of the essentials you should have in your closet.   Let’s get started


1- Basic solid t-shirts A basic t-shirt is the most evergreen thing you can find in any man’s closet. But does                                               all types of tees goes on with an individual’s personality? I think not! Some look good                                               with V neck , some with Round neck and some with collar neck which we call as polo                                               t-shirts. I always prefer round neck tees over any other style because it looks good on                                             me. I do wear polo t-shirts often but when it comes to V neck i usually avoid it. A solid                                             t-shirt with no prints or pockets will do good long in your closet and you would not get                                             bored of it. Choose colors that go along with your skin tone. Colors like black, sea                                                     blue,sea green and pink are evergreen and always look good irrespective of your skin                                               tone. 



2- Jeans –   A pair of jeans in a must have when it comes to wardrobe essentials. A cool pair of black and blue                        jeans will do good long to your fashion. You can have ankle-length or a cropped one or rugged                              but a simple pair is a necessity because you can wear it everywhere but the rest have its own                                place and there are certain places where you cannot present yourself with those styles. For men it                        doesn’t need to be too skinny. I don’t know why it got into trend but it looks total unworthy when it                        comes to good fashion . so the second essential is a cool and simple pair of jeans.


3- Sneakers – Sneakers are probably the best thing that happened to fashion industry hands down. Sneakers                             are always a hot choice among all age groups,  the reason being that it goes along with almost                             all outfits (obviously there are exceptions). Its not necessary that you buy sneakers from a big                               and respectable brand like Nike or Adidas. Although they provide something cool and different                               every time but its hard for some people just like me to afford them so just go for a local brand                               and buy something that is comfortable to your feet. Don’t ever buy sneakers which are                                             uncomfortable to walk in no matter how good they look because its always bad in the long run.

4- Trousers –   When jeans stop working out well for you, switch to a pair of trousers. It will always give you a                               very comfortable and refreshing look. You can wear it with a shirt on or t-shirt whatever you                                   find more appealing. The best thing about wearing trousers is that it goes both as a formal                                     wear and a casual wear. You can style it with different outfits as i will talk about it in my                                           another blog. Stay updated to read.

5- Sweat Shirts – This is the coolest thing ever to come into the world of fashion hands down. You can wear it                                  at any occasion and still look cool.  It also goes by the name hoodie.They are less formal                                        than a pullover and is a bit cheaper too provided with side pockets where one can slide their                                  hands into. They are altogether more cosy and comfortable piece of clothing than any other                                  outer layering options. It also represents the hip-hop culture which is popular among the                                        masses. So you have got enough reasons to get yourself a hoodie or two.

So these are all the essentials you will need to set up your wardrobe for your everyday life. Please do comment on what you think can be as or more essential than these five things. I would love to share it on my next blog. Till then have a great life everyone. Stay positive, keep rocking. 

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